N2R W1D1

So today is week 1 day 1 of the none-to-run, courtesy of a nice American chap called Mark Kennedy who even emails once you sign up (it’s free). Just when I thought the internet was all anonymous. And I am drinking my reward cup of tea which is my new running drug of choice, because did the magnesium help?

No! The N2R programme has a downloadable sheet of the structure of the runs, a podcast for timing and some videos of strengthening exercises, so it’s pretty comprehensive and easy to use. Today’s programme was a 5-minute warm-up walk followed by 30 seconds of running and two minutes of walking for 20 minutes. After week 2 of the C25K this was, well, a very enjoyable walk in the park. It is really great to get out first thing in the morning in the fresh air and move. Except I can feel my legs hurting again which is, to say the least, unwanted and very annoying. But I have decided to repeat the week already, if necessary, to build up super-slowly. And if that doesn’t work, repeating week one of any programme on a loop is still great exercise and beats sitting on the couch eating cake. Mostly.

Today’s run was in the French town of Rocquefort which is rather dull on the
outside because all the cheese-making action is going on down in the caves. It is a gloriously misty autumn day and we woke up above the clouds in the steep valley below – we are parked (perched) up at the top of the valley looking down into it. And we are getting so French that we are drinking their UHT milk in tea and not even really noticing it. OK, so strength training exercises start daily this afternoon, and the next run is the day after tomorrow.


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