N2R W1D2, W1D3, W2D1

So here we go, three posts in one on the graduation day to week 2. Right now we are running at home. The advantage is getting the feel of the same track which hopefully makes it easier to register some progress. We are lucky enough to live out in the countryside and we can run from the front door. And with the lovely late autumn weather here in Brandenburg, the colours are an added bonus.

Week one wrapped up with me feeling slightly under-challenged. That’s probably why I enjoyed it so much. W1D3 was a bit of a breathing challenge. As we passed a barn and heard some very loud grunting noises (we didn’t realize there was a pig in it), Dave asked me if I was having trouble with my breathing. I protested very loudly that I hadn’t been until he made me laugh. He said if it wasn’t the breathing, then it sounded like I had fallen asleep. Then he said something really rude that made me laugh even more (this is a family blog, so I won’t repeat it) and then insisted that I get my breathing under control!! Reader, I did!

I was in two minds about graduating to week 2, but on a (rare) serious note, Dave suggested that being under-challenged might not help with the breathing, so a bit more of a challenge might help. So today we alternated running for a whole minute (!!) with a two-minute cool down walk between each run for 20 minutes. I felt comfortably at my limit with only a very slight hint of leg pain. So far, so good. And it felt really good to get out and move.

What I need to do next is start the strength training exercises more regularly. They are meant to strengthen the core, but after the exercises so far I don’t think I have a core. I plan to find it and work on it! And I need to take care of my feet. I made the mistake of running on W1D3 and then doing a 2.5 hour hike in the afternoon. I have something called plantar fasciitis which is pain in the heel, and I started off the hike by limping which meant I slogged through what should have been a very pleasant walk. It’s a case of recognising limits.

Here are the colours we are looking at right now in Brandenburg.


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