N2R W2D2&3, W3D1

Three in one again, and lessons are still being learned. W2D2 was not great as I was trying for speed, so I went back and listened to Mark Kennedy’s tips (nonetorun.com) and one of them is to keep it slow if necessary. So I stopped telling myself to speed up, to take the running at a comfortable pace, and without that pressure the last two runs have been great.  Great is always relative, but I enjoyed the runs and really felt that I had done the best I could for my level. I like to think my nice new hi-viz wind-proof runner’s jacket is improving my performance, even if I know it isn’t.  It’s starting to get a bit dark and gloomy here in autumnal Brandenburg and I want to be seen, even if anyone who sees me wonders what that very s-l-o-w middle aged woman is doing puffing around the countryside.

One thing I have gone back to – because I am suffering from that heel soreness that is plantar fasciitis – is watching my footfall when I am running, and rolling as much as I can from heel to toe.  I am also doing that in the walks between runs. It has definitely curbed the shinsplints and my legs feel like they recover more quickly. What I am really pleased about is how my breathing is noticeably better when I am running and how I can  recover more quickly after the running sections. I only had one near-miss heart attack, and that was walking past a house with a very big dog. The dog must have been startled by my bright new jacket. I didn’t see it. It barked, I screamed (and threw my hands in the air, what a show that must have been), my heart stopped for a second and then I had all of 10 seconds to calm down and start running. Dave got bitten by a dog – on a lead! – three runs ago. We had to overtake it on the inside as a car was coming on the outside, so it was most likely retaliation for our poor lane discipline.

Hoping to finish week 3 this week here in Brandenburg, and week 4 should happen back in the UK, running around the lovely Sefton Park in Liverpool. Watch this space, but hopefully not for more dog news.


A view as a reward – this was 16:12 after the last run.

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