C25K becomes nonetorun (N2R)

I successfully completed the first two weeks of the C25K, but the third week was looking too hard as it doubles the amount of running from week two. And I was at the end of my capacity – clearly not ready to double it – and suffering with shinsplints. Despite having the kit, the time and the motivation, it started to look like I was setting myself up to fail. So the question was: is the C25K the right thing for me?

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17 days, and long may it continue!

We have spent 17 days in our campervan in total (even though this post comes a bit after that as it’s WiFi dependent) and it’s been interesting to think about where we are at right now. So, in no particular oder, here’s what we’re thinking this far in. Continue reading “17 days, and long may it continue!”

C25K W2D3

Good news and bad news. On the one hand, week 2 is successfully completed. On the other, it got completed on a second attempt as I crashed out of the first (jog three only) with some bad leg pain. I have no idea what the cause is but I am necking the magnesium drinks in case it’s some kind of cramp. The good news is that the pain only kicked in after jog 5 of 6 this time.

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A Toll Story

Our van Helsing is currently parked up in the ski resort of Alpe du Grand Serre, or, as it is alternatively called, La Morte. When we were looking for places to stay we were not aware of the “Alpe” name, although as this is a small ski resort trying to establish itself with a lot of investment geared to bringing in more than the mainly Grenoble-based skiers, you can see why renaming the place from “Death” may be attractive. Continue reading “A Toll Story”

C25K W2D2

C25K W2D2
Ok, so the lesson learned today is: it’s hard running with a hangover. It was our wedding anniversary the day before the run (October 1st) and I had one glass of the exceptionally delicious local red too many, because it’s rude not to when you are in a wine-producing area. But we were in a pool the day before and I worked on stretching the leg muscles that have been giving me some pain, so I figured I had done my prep and we would do it anyway.

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Getting Off the Campervan Conveyor Belt

Well, we are back on the road and this time it’s for real. Not that the trip to Croatia wasn’t good fun in many ways but, rather than using the van as a means of getting from A to B, this time we’ll be away for between six and seven weeks with a selection of paid, free and wild-camping sites. Continue reading “Getting Off the Campervan Conveyor Belt”