Croatia, Some Thoughts.

Well that went quickly!

Three weeks driving to, staying in, and then finally, driving back from Croatia. So what did we think?

The country is stunningly beautiful, the people that we met are friendly, welcoming and had a blissful disregard for those rules and regulations that simply got in the way of living your life as uncomplicatedly as possible. Continue reading “Croatia, Some Thoughts.”

Are We Experienced?

So, one week after we first sat behind the wheel of ourvanhelsing in anger, how are we feeling?

Well, pretty good actually, considering we’ve done all of the things we said we’d never do when we decided to take the van-life route. Namely, travel in the summer to southern Europe, drive for more than three hours, and head to a destination with no idea if the site had a free place or not.

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Phew, What A Scorcher

Talk about frustrating! What was supposed to be about three to four weeks of trying out the van across the width and breadth of Brandenburg has resulted in exactly no nights away. That’s right, not a single one.

The main reason has obviously been the weather. Depending on the TV station or website, we are currently suffering from enjoying the summer of the century or even the millenium. And one of the first decisions we made when deciding on where to travel and when was that we would not be pootling around the Mediterranean in a tin can in June, July and August because of the high temperatures.

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