Phew, What A Scorcher

Talk about frustrating! What was supposed to be about three to four weeks of trying out the van across the width and breadth of Brandenburg has resulted in exactly no nights away. That’s right, not a single one.

The main reason has obviously been the weather. Depending on the TV station or website, we are currently suffering from enjoying the summer of the century or even the millenium. And one of the first decisions we made when deciding on where to travel and when was that we would not be pootling around the Mediterranean in a tin can in June, July and August because of the high temperatures.

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Meet our van Helsing!

Today is the day we finally get our van Helsing. Ordered back on March 9th, July 14th is the day we get to drive him home from the dealership. I am starting this post just before we leave and will finish it once we get back and have some photos to post.

We needed to get the proper vehicle authorisation (Zulassung) process completed before going anywhere. That meant the dealership sending us the vehicle identification papers and a trip to the street traffic office (Strassenverkehrsamt) to complete the authorization and get the number plates made.

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What I’ll miss and what I’ll look forward to

Wednesday 4th of July was the last official day of work, a personal “Independence Day”. Thursday 5th July, the first official day of future adventures. I woke up at a late, great 8:50 and do what I always do when I have time: drink three cups of “proper” English tea – milk, no sugar –  before starting anything. Dave still has to work until Thursday 12th July so I’m only a little bit smug.

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